Mobile Car cleaning - Showroom Finish No Water!

1020 days ago


Do you hate cleaning your car but hate it being dirty?

Want your car clean in less time for less cost?

Want to be sure it was worth the money?

Want an honest Englishman to do the job and take care of your vehicle?

I use the Waterless wash system - yes, it really does work!

I can travel anywhere within 15 miles of Filton, Bristol

How much is it? Depends on the size of the vehicle but an average saloon would be £5

How long does it take? Again depends on the size but an average saloon is no more than 15 minutes to bring back to a showroom condition on the outside.

At present I only offer a wash and wax service, not a valet - this would be more expensive and would take far longer and there are already many companies who provide this service, happy to recommend a couple if you need a more complete valet.

My credentials? Been cleaning cars for years, love doing it, have even washed cars in the rain for a local car sales yard and am always found cleaning other people's cars at car shows which I regularly attend.

My own show car was always spotless.

You're a fortunate man if you can enjoy getting up each day right? Let me clean your car - it'll cheer us both up!

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