Outstanding Maths Tution / Exceptional Mathematics Tutor Available

Stoke Newington, London
768 days ago


A CRB Cleared, Intelligent and down-to-earth experienced Mathematics tutor is available for tutoring Mathematics GCSE and A-Level with exceptional past results of success with his students and parents.

Can teach Mathematics in an easy and accessible manner, enabling the student to understand key concepts, methods and ideas and gain ownership of the subject to succeed in their exams, take the subject further if they wish to.

Has taught students who had not passed their exams and were on their 3rd retake from a U-grade to a Pass/A grade in only 3 months with only 1 hour of tuition a week. Enabled students to gain the grades to gain employment.

Has taught students of the highest calibre, in top sets, and made Maths engaging and fascinating enabling them to pass with A*'s and take the subject to the next level.

Currently tutoring KS1,2,3 and 4, GCSE, A-Level and Degree students.

An engaging and relaxing teacher with the pedagogy to teach a fascinating, engaging and interesting subject but who can also help you pass your exams quickly, remove the stress from studying and provide answers and help to those burning and difficult topics.

Prices are £25 per hour. Often keeps working with students beyond the hour mark with no extra costs. Will change your outlook on Mathematics no matter how bad you feel you are doing and make you understand how and why it is one of the easiest subjects of all.

To discuss lessons, rates or arrange discounts or to arrange a preliminary first lesson call 07432 636 347.

Make use of this B.Sc. Mathematics educated professional for your and your child's benefit. To discuss tuition call 07432 636 347.

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