March Madness - Personal Training

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Buy 10 Personal Training Sessions and receive 300 minutes of Boxing!

Tom is an innovative functional personal trainer, who enjoys bringing a mixture of training into his sessions from TRX Suspension training to Kettlebells to Boxing to Core Stability. His experience varies from strength and conditioning with athletes to drop a jean size workouts with mums.

He has enjoyed much success with nutrition describing it as a 'major part of the fitness cycle.' Through providing a complete Nutrition Programmes containing Meal Plans, diaries and even recipes to ensure getting the very best for your money!

Overall Tom’s enthusiasm, confidence and knowledge provides a key asset to ensuring his clients meet there goals!

Tom draws on so many different influences, yet the training programme he designs specifically for you has structure, balance and helps you the client get the most of want you want to achieve in the shortest period of time without any kind of cheating. He believes in you even when you have given up. With Tom you get variety, structure, proven knowledge and equally important the sessions are fun and fulfilling.
You benefit from regular fitness tests and just recently, on mine I have managed to hit the targets required for the running test for the Royal Marines and this at 41 years of age.!!!
Gerard Colacao, 41

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