Lose 7lbs in 28 days - pay £10 per pound lost at end

1026 days ago


Want a better relationship with food?

Having 'trouble with food'?

Feel overwhelmed and intimidated by food?
Can't stop eating foods you don't want to eat?
Having trouble losing weight?
Never feel full?
Feel like there is a hole inside that only food will fill but doesn't?

Firstly, you are not alone. I have been there.

I have suffered with 'trouble with food' since my earliest days. I literally have been and done most things with food.

Two years ago I developed medical complications and needed to lose weight and felt it was a mountain I could not climb. I settled for a life of medical complications and numbing myself with food.

Then something changed...

I lost 60lb (23kg) in five months and two years later have maintained my right weight. Losing weight is hard enoug. Keeping it off is harder.

More importantly, I now feel full when I eat a meal. I never did. Just heavy and full up but not satiated. My body still called for food.

Now, I feel full emotionally and physically half way through the meal. I don't binge. I don't have sugar cravings. I eat well, enjoy my food and feel liberated.


Do you want any of the following:

To lose weight
Reduce sugar cravings
Find out and avoid foods that trigger insatiable hunger
To feel full emotionally and physically
To have boundaries that protect you from foods you don't want to eat but do
To fill that hole within
Have purpose and fulfilment in life

I can help.

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