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Do you dream of a new kitchen or bathroom, but haven’t the time or inclination to organize it, particularly the different trades involved?

Let Kitchens and Bathrooms R US turn your dreams into reality by organizing and managing every detail.

Kitchens & Bathrooms R US is a unique business that offer a full service from start to finish of designing, building and project managing your new kitchen or bathroom. Have you ever had a new project for your house where you have two three maybe even four different tradesmen trying to work on one project? If you have then you will appreciate how difficult it is to get them all working in sync together. Here at Kitchens & Bathrooms R US we take care of everything giving you the comfort of knowing you do not have to worry about anything once the project starts! Let Kitchens and Bathrooms R US turn your dreams into reality by organizing and managing every detail.

So, what’s involved?

We’ll start with a site survey to learn what you have in mind and use our experience to help you to finalize your thoughts on design, layout, and
the final look you want. This service and the resulting (fixed price) quotation is free and without any obligation. We are confident that you’ll be impressed with what we offer.

Once you give us the go ahead, then we’ll plan a mutually convenient start date consistent with your convenience, our availability and the availability of all products to be installed.
We’ll check with you shortly before the scheduled start date to confirm that the work can start as planned and then the transformation can begin. If you’re at home whilst we do the work, then you can see the transformation as it happens. Some people, however, choose to go away whilst the work is done and simply return to see the finished room. The choice is yours……

On completion of the work which includes the disposal of removed items, we ask for prompt final payment to enable us to pay our suppliers and avoid the cost of bank borrowing. We will also confirm our aftercare arrangements

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