Jailbreaking Service for iPhone, iPod, iPad.
Yorkhill, Westend, Glasgow

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I can Jailbreak the following: iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S, iPod Touch (Any Gen), iPad (Any Gen).

Jailbreaking allows the user to install free apps and games as well as apps that are simply not available to the standard Apple user, as well as gives the user the ability to customize their device how they want.
Animate your background, customize your fonts and much more.

All Jailbreaks are untethered.

Price: £10
Done in 30 minutes while you wait.

Commonly asked questions:

Is it illegal to Jailbreak the iPod Touch or iPhone?
Jailbreaking any iDevice (iPhone, iPod, etc) is not illegal. It is impossible to get in any legal trouble for jailbreaking it.

Will this void the iPod Touch / iPhone warranty?
Since a full restore through iTunes would erase all tracks of your Jailbreak, it will not void your warranty as Apple will not know that the device has been Jailbroken previously. Jailbreaking or modifying your device would not void your warranty as long as you perform a full restore before sending your device back to an Apple store, etc.

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