Individual Voluntary Arrangements With Action For Debt Ltd.

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Individual Voluntary Arrangements With Action For Debt Ltd.

As you keep to the agreement you are protected from any further action from creditors. They cannot take you to court, cannot make you bankrupt and cannot recover any more money than you agree under the terms of the IVA. As part of the agreement your creditors agree to write off the rest of your debt.

At this present moment in time, due to these economic climates that we live in, please be aware of the consequences of what you are signing. One rule within most IVA's is, if you miss more than 2/3 month's payments, not necessarily consecutive over the 60 months, you can be made bankrupt.

Consider your job security before entering an IVA. But please talk to us about any questions you may have as well as who we use as to being our preferred provider for these type of cases. We will always take care of you and so will the company we work with.

Making the decision to apply for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement is one thing, but actually doing it is another. In times of stress the process can seem overwhelming and you may find yourself asking the following questions:

Who will help me with....

• Understanding the process.

• Answering any questions.

• Completing the initial paperwork.

• Finding an Insolvency Practitioner.

• Dealing with creditors enquires.

We will alleviate any stress you are under and be there for you to ring whenever you need to talk

What do I do now?

Don't Worry. We specialise in helping people enter into Individual Voluntary Arrangements. We will help you through the initial stages of preparing your proposal and then introduce you to our preferred Insolvency Practitioners. Upon the successful acceptance of your Individual Voluntary Arrangement we will continue to provide our comprehensive support throughout the duration. We will alleviate any stress you are under and be there for you to whenever you need to talk

Unlike many of our competitors we might be able to offer 2 types of Individual Voluntary Arrangements.

• The 5 Year IVA.

This means that at the end of the 5 years you are completely free of debt.

• A 1 Year Plan.

Where by you find a lump sum from re-mortgaging your property or from family or friends.

To find out or if you want more information, come and visit our website to see how we can help you:

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