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Hi there welcome
I make website, eat food & love cats
I am cardiff based Freelance web developer/designer, I have been working on web technology since 2005 and going on..... I also have 5 years of experiences in Network and server technology, before I started my career in web.

I have involved in many web development projects and designed/developed beautiful website.
I like to help people in any technology issue especially in web development, I already helped many people in globe and love to see smile on their face.
I love wordpress CMS, most of the project I have done using wordpress CMS(Content Management System) based. wordpress is one of the best blogging or any purpose content management system in globe I can't list all the features here. Google tells everything :-).
I researched many e-commerce system and found magento e-commerce CMS is the best one and I been using magento system for any e-commerce.

What service I can provide
1) Design/develop quality website using latest technology (html5, css3)for small/medium business and Personal
2) Bespoke web design services
3) Professional E-commerce/online store website development
4) Integrating different types of payment gateways like paypal, google checkout, credit/debit cards.
5) Mobile web/app development (fully featured mobile web/app development using jquery mobile app )
6) Searchengine optimization (Meta/title/header/alt tags review, clean meaning full url, submit sitemap, inbound /outbound link, back link, Google webmaster / analytics tools )
8) Promoting business using different types of social media site like Facebook business page, twitter, Flicker, RSS etc.
9) Redesign existing web site and provide idea and support.
Why I am better?
1) All the website I develop are CMS(content management system) based so anybody can easily add, edit, update and delete the content/image/video/menu/anything in fly without any prior knowledge of programming/web technology.
2) I finish the project within timeline. In some case I use all my effort and time to finish the project quickly.
3) I develop and design any project from scratch and hand crafted (not software generated code), it is W3C standard, Google friendly, clean, easily customizable, Code Reusability.
4) I provide features rich web site,
a) Bespoke design and hand-written code with latest technology html5, CSS3.
b) Jquery sliding image in home page
b) Customizable contact fields page
e) Easily add extra features in website using plug-in and modules.
c) Beautiful jquery image gallery.
d) You can easily expand your website as your business grow coz CMS based website can easily add/edit page/menu/image/content or any features of website.
e) Easily customizable the website to complete new look if needed
5) I am hardworking, friendly, reliable, flexible and family man :D

Professional web development approximate cost
Professional feature rich bespoke CMS based 5 pages personal/business website starts from £250
Business page with social media setup and fully features starts from £350
Powerful online store development using Magnto platform starts from £550
Recent Project (just finished and uploading the contents) (will be live soon)
If you found interesting please don’t hesitate to contact me
Thank you very much for your time.
Tel: 02920651324
Mob: 07400444490
Mail: dahaltn(at) or info(at)

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