Handyman in Enderby

1105 days ago


I provide home maintenance and general handyman services to private and commercial customers in and around Leicestershire and Rutland.

I offer a wide variety of affordable services and supply free written quotations on request. All prices are fixed meaning no hourly rates, no hidden costs and no estimates, you'll know exactly how much a job will cost and that price will not change.

I can do everything from changing a plug to laying a patio. I'm happy to work on a casual, one-off, basis but I'm equally happy to arrange an ongoing maintenance service with fixed weekly/fortnightly/monthly visits.

***I now offer DRAIN CLEANING as part of my services. Whether your drains are blocked, or not, I can clean them using rods to ensure they operate as they should all year round. Fat deposits and other unsavoury items can block your drains over time leading to pretty awful smells and, in a worst-case senario, a full drain collapse, regular rodding helps to prevent such issues and I charge just a fraction of the price asked for by the likes of Dyno-rod.***

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