Google Places Optimization business. Made £250 last month, easy to run business

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Thanks for stopping by and checking out the sale of our website - this is a young, but profitable business that is being sold due to an unforeseen change in circumstances; it has a low BIN price compared to recent revenue as I must get rid of it - my life requires a big change, and as a result I won't have the opportunity to work on this project any longer.

You can benefit from a Live Chat support module on the site that we had just installed... so you are able to monitor site visitors, and engage with them in real time.

Own a successful running business in a growing market. An increasing number of small business owners are wanting to optimise their Google maps listing and visibility in the search engines. This is where you can capitalise.

We are offering here is a unique business which sells Google places optimization services. This is all about the Google places listings. You know how these Google places listings can generate a great deal of leads for many businesses. Almost every business is listed in Google places these days and it has become mandatory to setup a places listing in order to gain more visibility for local search.
Now, most business owners have their places listings, but not everyone is at the top. There are millions of such listings which are not able to rank well in the search rankings. These need optimization and our business provides that. People are ready to invest a lot in Google places optimization as they know the value of Google places to them.

The website made around $370/£250 in January. Proof attached.
The website offers 2 types of services to optimize the places listing.
1> Writing positive reviews to the places page.
2> Creating maps which refer back to the actual client places listing.

You can have a look at the website to have a clear look.

This has a great potential to earn more, you can make around $2000 to $3000 easily per month with some easy techniques which I used in making the amount. You may be asking, then why didn’t you made that amount in the last month.

It would have made a lot if i have marketed it. Yes I was busy with my other developments and I did not have a chance to put some time on to this website. So I have not done any promotion of the website before from 3rd week. Actually the above amount I earned is only for the 15 days I promoted it. And was tied up with other major developments and was travelling frequently so unable to put time into the website.

This is also one of the reasons selling this website, when it can make some good money why should I keep that in darkness, it can help some other person by making him/her some good money online.
This is a really easy to run business. You don’t need to learn anything specially to run this. It is completely outsourced, all the work is done by the supplier, you just need to send him the order you receive on the website and the outsourcing guy will do the job done for you.

Who can buy this website?
Anyone who wants to earn some big money online - with some free time to invest in marketing it.
You are a newbie in this online business, don’t worry I will provide you a complete step by step guide to promote this business easily. You just need to put in some effort for a couple of hours a day and you can earn a very good income.

What are the marketing methods you are using to promote the website?
All the marketing techniques used by me are completely free and easy methods which any one can easily follow that. The buyer will get all the secret and easy methods I’m using in promoting the website. To protect the buyer, I will not be sharing the method used via PM or this listing.

How much does the supplier cost for the work?
5 reviews Supplier cost $5 selling price $20 profit $15
10 reviews Supplier cost $5 selling price $35 profit $30
15 reviews Supplier cost $10 selling price $50 profit $40
15 maps Supplier cost $5 selling price $25 profit $20
30 maps Supplier cost $10 selling price $45 profit $35
60 maps Supplier cost $20 selling price $80 profit $60
You can set your selling price but it’s better to be reasonable sometimes to retain the customers, which gives you more passive income in the long run.

What will the buyer get?
A premium exact match domain name (pushed into Godaddy)
All the website files, you can even easily add anything in the website using the wordpress admin panel if you wish to add or change.
Supplier Source
Step by step marketing method to promote this business. With these simple steps you can see a consistent flow of traffic and sales.
Complete support
Buy it Now Bonus
Unlimited Hosting for 2 years on best hosting.
5000 backlinks worth $100
250 edu links worth $80
and great ebooks on bringing targeted traffic, seo and internet marketing.
Support from me with googletalk.

Please PM me if you need any other info. I'm always online, and will respond quickly. Serious Bidders only.

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