Get rid of long term back, leg or neck pain for good without hynoptherapy, surgery or pills ...

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If you had a small stone in your shoe you wouldn't walk around feeling the pain of the stone, you know to take off your shoe and remove it. Pain in our bodies is the exact same, we just need to know how to remove it. There is no need for anyone to suffer with back, leg or neck pain and here's why:

With every pain there is an emotional root causing the pain ( a bit like the stone in your shoe) and this is how most complementary therapists can treat it and remove it permanently where doctors haven't been successful. The job of the doctor is to find out where the stone is and how to stop you feeling the pain of it but in most cases they don't treat the emotional cause.

That is why it is called complementary therapy. It does not replace traditional medicine, it works along side with it.

I've been working as a complementary therapist for over 7 years with a consistently high track record of results. No client has ever had to come back to me more than twice.

In the first session, you relax so that I can identify the source of the pain and the emotional root cause of it then in the 2nd session the pain is removed once and for all without the need for hynotherapy, surgery or taking tablets. You keep your clothes on at all times too.

So don't suffer with long term pain any longer, call and book your first session at my clinic today.

First session is £60, second is £40.

Permanent results guaranteed so why suffer that pain any longer.

**I also operate a mobile service for those who are genuinely immobile or use a wheelchair

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