Energy Performance Certificates, EPC new regs coming

1163 days ago


PK ASSESSMENTS are Kent,s leading EPC provider and offer the highest level of service for the lowest possible prices. An energy performance certificate is a legal requirement for most property marketed for sale or rent in England and Wales.


Up to 4 Bed Property - £37.50

4 - 6 Bed Property - £ 57.50

6 - 8 Bed Property - £75.00

EPC certificates are set to change from April 2012 ,with the result being it will be far harder for older property to obtain an energy performance certificate ( EPC ) and the owners of those property being forced to make potentially expensive changes to meet new regulations. It will not be just older property affected by the new regulations as the new look EPC under the governments GREEN DEAL will force every property to meet a minimum standard energy rating.

As things stand, EPC certificates obtained before the new changes will not need to be redone until after the next sale or rental transaction on the property. So contact us and arrange for us to supply you with a new EPC if you are worried about potentially being forced into expensive changes to your property.

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