Editing and Proofreading for Students and Academics

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I offer a highly experienced, very dedicated and proudly professional English language editing and proofreading service at a competitive price.

Working to an agreed deadline, I will pay specific attention to punctuation, grammar, syntax, avoiding repetition and ultimately ensuring that the flow of the document will engage the reader and that the paper's technical structure is as strong as possible.

Having obtained a Bachelor’s Degree at the Law School of Aberdeen, and subsequent Master’s Degrees at the Universities of St Andrews and Oxford, I have developed the skills necessary to turn a failing paper into a passing paper, to turn an average paper into an excellent one.

My working experience includes editing documents for governmental bodies, NGOs and national newspapers. However, now my focus is on helping students to get the very best result from their University career at an affordable rate and making sure that your knowledge and arguments are presented in flawless English.

My clients almost always return, particularly students who have acknowledged that my expert assistance improved their grade and ultimately their job opportunities.

Simply send me the following details and I can get started immediately:

- Subject/topic and level (Undergraduate, Master's, Doctoral) of your academic paper
- Length of document in pages and words
- Deadline

Kind Regards,

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