EDINBURGH CAR WASH & VALET 19£ plus Free Parking all day

Beaverhall Road
1191 days ago


Free parking all day from morning till 6pm

Our offer apply to all private cars, sedan, estate, hatchback and 4 x 4
in resonable mess condition.

all cars required extra treartment will be surcharged when seen & adviced.

Opening hours:
Mon.- Fri. 7.30 am – 6.00 pm
Sat – Sun 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Our Basic Valeting Package is designed for weekly car maintenance
and includes most necessary service in and outside of any car.
The service includes:


Rinse to safely remove loose dirt, soil and sand
Snow Foam Activating cover for effective cleaning
High performance shampoo wash micro fibre sponge
Wheels cleaned
Wheel arches cleaned
Wax - sealant coating for long lasting body protection


Carpets, seats & boot vacuumed
Dashboard cleaned and dressed
Trims, plastics cleaned and dressed
Inside window cleaned
Ash tray cleaned
Air freshener
Price from £24

Additional Car Wash & Valeting Service

Basic wash (hand wash) £4
Standard wash (wheels& arches clean, foam wash & wax) £6
Standard wash & vacuum all round £11
Tyres dressing £2
Alloy wheels deep cleaning £5
Traffic film removing £10
Interior Shampoo (seats & carpets) from £40
Hand Polish & Waxing ( two separate procedures) £80
Leather cleaning & conditioning with balsam £15
Engine cleaning & dressing £20

With loyalty card 8th wash gratis !!!

Beaverhall Car Park Management

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