EDINBURGH CAR WASH & VALET 19£ plus Free Parking all day
Beaverhall Road, Edinburgh

Sorry, this ad is no longer available.

Free parking all day from morning till 6pm

Our offer apply to all private cars, sedan, estate, hatchback and 4 x 4
in resonable mess condition.

all cars required extra treartment will be surcharged when seen & adviced.

Opening hours:
Mon.- Fri. 7.30 am – 6.00 pm
Sat – Sun 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

Our Basic Valeting Package is designed for weekly car maintenance
and includes most necessary service in and outside of any car.
The service includes:


Rinse to safely remove loose dirt, soil and sand
Snow Foam Activating cover for effective cleaning
High performance shampoo wash micro fibre sponge
Wheels cleaned
Wheel arches cleaned
Wax - sealant coating for long lasting body protection


Carpets, seats & boot vacuumed
Dashboard cleaned and dressed
Trims, plastics cleaned and dressed
Inside window cleaned
Ash tray cleaned
Air freshener
Price from £24

Additional Car Wash & Valeting Service

Basic wash (hand wash) £4
Standard wash (wheels& arches clean, foam wash & wax) £6
Standard wash & vacuum all round £11
Tyres dressing £2
Alloy wheels deep cleaning £5
Traffic film removing £10
Interior Shampoo (seats & carpets) from £40
Hand Polish & Waxing ( two separate procedures) £80
Leather cleaning & conditioning with balsam £15
Engine cleaning & dressing £20

With loyalty card 8th wash gratis !!!

Beaverhall Car Park Management

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