Drum lessons in CLIFTON, Bristol with FREE introductory lesson

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• FREE introductory lesson, so you can try it out
• 23 years’ experience of drumming
• 3 years’ experience of teaching
• Based in Clifton, Bristol, just off Whiteladies Road
• Roland V-Drums electronic drum kit
• Teaching adapted to the requirements of the individual
• CRB checked
• Parents can sit in on the first lesson, if they wish
• Previous experience not necessary

• Timing
• Co-ordination &
• Technique - are the three most important things in drumming and the main focus of the course
• Feeling - brings your rhythms to life
• Tips & Tricks - turn a good drummer into a great drummer
• Stagecraft - to prepare you for performing

I have developed my own progressive course, that is a great foundation for all styles of drumming. The course starts with timing and co-ordination, then your grip and strike before teaching you a progressive selection of beats. Interspersed with this will be drum breaks, drum rolls as well as other useful rudiments, tips and tricks.

Beyond the basics, the course aims to increase control of all four limbs, strengthening your weaker side, with the ultimate aim of becoming (relatively) ambidextrous . This will give you a very strong foundation which will allow you to play more advanced rhythms, such as polyrhythms, further down the line.

The most important thing about learning drums is that the student enjoys the process. It will be challenging, but discipline must be balanced with achievement. I want to bring on excellent drummers, but if the student does not enjoy learning drums, they won't progress, so it is essential to make sure that hard work is mixed with fun to help maintain the students passion and interest.

During the course I also will teach you how to teach yourself, setting up a solid learning structure which will help you to teach yourself in future. Psychology also plays a big part in learning and I like to help students maintain the steady level of confidence that is essential for performance.

If you have any queries call me (Gabriel) on 0117 908 5943 or 07881 484555 and I will be happy to help.


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