Console Repair Service in St Andrews - Established Company
St Andrews And Surrounding Area, Fife

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Disc Depot is one of Tayside and North Fife's favourite console repair centres- we've been trading since 2001, providing reliable and trusted computer and console sales and repairs throughout the area. We have years of experience fixing games consoles, including the Sony PlayStation 3, the XBox 360 and the Nintendo Wii.

With our new branch just opened in St Andrews, we're more convenient than ever for those of you in North Fife- but with the same reliable service!

Consoles are often very difficult to fix properly- a lot of repair centres struggle to deal with them at all, and then they'll implement quick and easy fixes that don't last. Disc Depot is different- our technicians have the experience *and* the specialised equipment needed to carry out console repairs that fix the basic problem rather than covering it up.

Problems we can deal with include the red ring of death, yellow light of death, overheating, faulty drives and others.

Why risk getting a second-rate repair (that you'll be charged for anyway) from the less experienced guys when you can get it done by the experts?

The best news? We're conveniently located near the centre of St Andrews- very convenient for anyone living in North Fife!


Visit us at:- 1 City Road, St Andrews, KY16 9XQ
Telephone:- (01334) 47 88 66

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