Computer repairer very cheapp!!!
Alum Rock, Birmingham

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Hi i am a 14 yr old who is good with computers.ive had hands on experience with repairing computers and installing windows and software,making a computer faster,repairing computers from the inside for example installing a new psu,motherboard,memory,graphics cards.
if you have any computer problem please email me and i will tell you what the fault is and i will give you the cheapest prices.
-Me installing windows 7 on your computer with my cd and product key-£20
-installing any parts into a computer-£5-£10
-making a computer faster £5
-Computer not booting-depends on the problem
-removing a windows /boot password from any 32bit computer-£5
i also have a no fix no fee policy and i am a trustworthy person if you have any problem please email me .Thanks

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