North London

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My name is Theanna , I am a North London based psychic clairvoyant and I like to use my gift to help others. I would like to help you with those big life changing, money and general life goals! For example, Is the love of your life waiting for you? can you make your dreams happen?

I have been a practicing professional clairvoyant for 15years. I connect directly with Spirit and do not need to use any other tools to receive the messages. I can see, hear and sense Spirit.

I give individual readings, usually in your own home where you will be the most comfortable. I usually charge 30 per reading ( 25 for your first reading) which will last a minimum of one hour up to two hours depending on your needs and requirements. My priority is to help those who need guidance and help through difficult times...

I give warm, insightful and very detailed messages with psychological advice attached and have a 100% positive response from all my clients. I believe in self-empowerment but also believe we can all benefit from help from others especially our spirit friends and loved ones.

As well as individual readings I can also do groups readings and if you host such an occasion you will receive a reading for yourself for half price. Book now so you can receive your reading and guidance as soon as possible.

Contact me directly on: Tel :07586600424
Love and Blessed be,

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