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What is Cambridge Weight Plan?

Since the 1980s, millions of people around the world have successfully lost weight and kept it off with Cambridge.

The secret of our success? Cambridge Weight Plan is not only nutritionally balanced, but it also gives you much more flexibility and choice than other weight loss options. The Plan comprises a six-step programme that combines an easy-to follow eating plan and some realistic and practical lifestyle changes, with the ongoing advice of an accredited Cambridge Consultant.

Cambridge Weight Plan is about more than just losing weight — it’s also about helping you reassess your future approach to food. By making small, simple changes and sticking to them, you can completely change your life. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.
All six stages of Cambridge Weight Plan have been devised to help you develop a healthy relationship with food, freeing you to achieve the body, as well as the confidence, you desire. We’ll get you there — and help you stay there!
To help you reach your goal, we’ve put together a tried-andtested
eating programme that’s nutritionally balanced and expertly designed to give you a clear and easy plan to follow.

The Programmes:
Step 1 is called the Sole Source Programme because while you’re on Step 1, Cambridge Weight Plan products provide your only source of nutrition. It really is as simple as that.

On Sole Source you will:
• Eat three or four Cambridge Weight Plan meals per day
(according to height/gender*).
• Drink an extra four pints/2.25 litres of fluids over the
course of the day.
Sole Source (440–555kcal) and Sole Source Plus (640kcal) are Very Low-Calorie Diets (VLCDs) and are designed to achieve fast and effective weight loss together with nutritional

Sole Source Plus is similar to Sole Source, but you can include some conventional food to increase your calorie intake.

Step 2 is a Low-Calorie Diet (LCD) of 810kcal/day, which combines the convenience of Cambridge Weight Plan shakes, soups, bars and porridge, together with a little extra conventional food.

Step 3 is similar to Step 2, but also incorporates some fruit and carbohydrates to bring your total to 1000kcal/day. You still have the convenience of two Cambridge Weight Plan shakes, soups, bars or porridges, but with the added variety of a breakfast, a salad lunch, plus a high-protein, low-GI, low-carbohydrate dinner. There’s even a daily fruit and milk allowance.

Step 4 increases your daily calorie intake to around 1200kcal/day. Again, you still have the convenience of two Cambridge Weight Plan meals and, in addition, you’ll have a breakfast, a lunch, plus a high-protein, low-GI dinner, which incorporates some healthy carbohydrates like pasta and potatoes. You also enjoy a dessert and daily milk allowance.

Step 5 is the penultimate step to long-term weight management. At Step 5 you’ll be consuming around 1500kcal day. You’ll only have one Cambridge Weight Plan meal each day, and your conventional food will include a 300kcal breakfast, a 350kcal lunch, 50kcal of fruits, 100kcal of healthy snacks, a dinner of 350kcal and a dessert of 150kcal.

Step 6 My Life is where your weight loss is sustained long term. By now you should have learnt what your body does and does not need to maintain a healthy weight. From now on you can have 1500kcal a day or slightly more and you can also incorporate one Cambridge Weight Plan meal per day. And don’t forget, your Consultant will still be on hand for regular weigh-ins and advice.

It’s important to note that certain medical conditions may mean that some of the Cambridge Weight Plan Steps are not suitable.
If this is the case, your Consultant will explain which part (if any) of Cambridge Weight Plan you can use.

You’ll also need to take into consideration your lifestyle and any medical conditions or medication you are on.

Depending on the step you decide to do depends on the price.
You have to remember the products are also your food.

Soups, shakes & porridges are £2 each.
Bars & ready made shakes are £2.20 each (bars are allowed in your 3rd week).

Based on buying shakes, soups & porridges:
Step 1 & 2 is £42
Step 3 & 4 is £28
Step 5 is £14.
**if you buy ready made shakes. Price will be a little higher**.

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