An Introduction To Jazz Guitar - Music Tuition & Lessons

1060 days ago


Whether you want to tighten up your chops or you're looking to go beyond the world of rock and pop guitar these lessons are for you!

In my opinion, Jazz is the natural progression for musicians who are looking for new inspiration and challenges; spice up your rock and blues licks, become faster and more in touch with your instrument, and build up your improvisation skills.

I've written a structured course which combines well known tunes with theory allowing students to quickly get up to speed with playing authentic jazz guitar!

Each lesson covers:
- Harmony, chords, and chord progressions
- Melody, licks, and solo building
- Learning songs, styles, and techniques
- The theory behind it all so you can improvise and compose in confidence!

I cover most styles of jazz including, bebop, fusion, Gypsy jazz, and experimental post jazz.

I can travel to you or I can teach at my flat in the town center. My hours are also flexible.

£15 per 30 minutes.
First lesson is complimentary!

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