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We are London based Tutoring company we provide professional tutors for Undergraduate and post-graduate students. Tutors are available for the following subjects;
• Accounting
topics covered such as Double entry, book keeping, trading accounts, Depreciation, VAT, Stock valuations, companies final accounts, partnership, consolidation, cash flows, Ratio analysis, Investment techniques (NPV),Taxation, Cost management, Marginal& Absorption costing, Standard costing, Budgeting, Variances, etc

• Economics (All levels)
• Statistics
• Business subjects
• Research & Marketing

Tutoring Approach;
Our tutors use friendly and polite approach making the students feel free to ask questions. A tutor brings himself to the level of the student and helps them understanding the basics.

Flexibility & Transparent Rates;
You choose the timings which best suit your schedule between Mondays to Sunday .Tutoring sessions can be arranged at your home or any other convenient place for you. We only charge hourly rates and our rates are reasonable. Please feel free to ask queries we will be happy to help.

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